Nahaufnahme von Pastillen nach dem Giessen

Strictly manufactured in accordance with GMP standards

At BOLDER, you receive high-quality, safe medicinal products with every batch. We produce your pastilles in strict accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practices’ guidelines.

Our industrial processes systematically cover the following GMP requirements:

  • Qualified personnel
  • Modern, qualified premises, plants and equipment
  • GMP-compliant documentation
  • Validated production processes
  • Batch-specific traceability

The sensitive BOLDER process

You want the ultimate in homogeneity, dosing precision and reproducibility?
You need your product to be manufactured strictly according to GMP guidelines?

We drew on our wealth of pharmaceutical expertise to develop the sensitive BOLDER process for this purpose. It enables even thermolabile or volatile ingredients to be reliably processed.

Thanks to this unique moulding and drying method, even substances that are not readily soluble achieve a high degree of homogeneity. It enables us to incorporate your active ingredient in its new dosage form unimpaired.

We package your product according to your wishes.

BOLDER Arzneimittel is equipped with modern pharmaceutical packaging lines. This means we can always tailor our production depth to match your specific needs.

We supply our customers with their pastilles in blister packs and pre-packaged for sale.

Do you need other forms of packaging? E.g. displays, hospital packs, bags or tins? We can do this for you too.

Medicinal products. Medical devices. Food supplements. Whatever you prefer.

All BOLDER pastilles are manufactured according to the applicable quality standards. They can be formulated as medicinal products, medical devices or food supplements.


High-tech, quality and safety. BOLDER’s manufacturing facility

BOLDER Arzneimittel’s manufacturing facility is state of the art. Everything is designed to achieve the same end: Maximum quality and safety.

The layout of the qualified premises is specifically designed to optimise the flow of material and human resources.

Every stage of the validated pastille manufacturing and packaging process takes place under clean-room conditions.

The storage areas for starting materials and finished products are subject to continuous climatic monitoring.

From Germany to the whole world

Punctual deliveries. You can rely on BOLDER Arzneimittel to meet your commitments.

Having several identical production lines means that our processes can keep running at full efficiency even when maintenance work has to be performed.

Moreover, we can assist you with exporting your finished product and organise transport on your behalf.

Our manufacturing services at a glance:

  • GMP environment
  • Gentle BOLDER method
  • Production in defined batch sizes
  • Customer-specific, ready-for-sale packaging
  • GMP-compliant batch documentation
  • Dispatch of released product