Mehrere Uhrgläser mit Pastillen

From concept to finished pastille

You are looking for an innovative dosage form for your plant-based or chemically synthesised active ingredient?

You already have an established cough syrup on the market? And you are planning to launch an additional attractive alternative – a more convenient, more aromatic one?

A contemporary dosage form that patients can take discreetly at work, while on the move or when in bed – is that what you would ultimately like to have?

If so, pharmaceutical pastilles from BOLDER Arzneimittel are ideal for your project.

Whether you have a specific marketing idea you wish to realise or would like to manufacture an existing pastille under pharmaceutical conditions:

We custom develop and manufacture your product according to your wishes.


We always treat your product as one-of-a-kind.

Pastilles produced by BOLDER Arzneimittel always meet the expectations of patients and the requirements of the market alike. We achieve this for you, amongst other things, by:

  • making recommendations regarding the appropriate dosage, flavour and combination of active ingredients and excipients
  • preparing form and flavour samples
  • already factoring in international marketing considerations at the product design phase. These include such things as country-specific regulations, flavour preferences, climate zones and packaging.

Pharmaceutical-technological advantages of BOLDER pastilles

  • BOLDER pastilles are solid solutions in single-dose form.
  • They dissolve in the mouth and throat, slowly releasing their active ingredients.
  • BOLDER pastilles have the same active ingredient homogeneity as true solutions.


  • BOLDER pastilles are based on acacia gum, which enables particularly sensitive substances to be incorporated by using the unique ActiSENSE® Technology. 
  • Many substances are very difficult or even impossible to process in other dosage forms.
  • BOLDER Arzneimittel also manufactures pastilles using substances controlled under the German Narcotic Drugs Act.

Our development services at a glance:

  • Advice on regulatory matters
    (medicinal products, medical devices or food supplements)
  • Galenic development
  • Scale-up, pilot batch production
  • Method development and validation
  • Stability programmes
  • Preparation of approvals and registrations