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A passion for pastilles

Over a billion pastilles produced annually. BOLDER Arzneimittel is your market-leading partner of choice when it comes to the development and contract manufacture of pharmaceutical pastilles.

We are a pure B2B company and specialise exclusively in this dosage form.

BOLDER has almost a hundred years of experience in manufacturing medicinal products. In 1924, the young pharmacist Paul Bolder starts producing his own pharmaceuticals in Cologne, thereby laying the foundations for the present-day company.

Contract manufacturer since 1954

A generation on, his son and fellow apothecary Dr Hermann-Josef Bolder switches the focus to manufacturing pharmaceutical pastilles. BOLDER delivers its first pastilles: Ephepect against cold-related infections of the respiratory organs.

Shortly thereafter, Dr Hermann-Josef Bolder sets pastille production up as an independent operation. He acquires a high-output mogul line and manufactures the pastilles in BOLDER’s own factory.

This enables BOLDER Arzneimittel to manufacture to order too. Word of his product quality spreads quickly. More and more pharmaceutical companies trust BOLDER’s highly specialised pastille production process with their active ingredients – international pharmaceutical concerns, medium-sized and small companies alike. BOLDER eventually focuses exclusively on contract manufacturing.

Its great strength lies in the close relationships it builds with its customers. The family-run company has been working with many customers and suppliers for decades. Because we all share a passion for pastilles.

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